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The 80/20 Real Estate Show by InvestorFuse

Oct 23, 2018

Danny is a small business consultant located in Columbia, Tennessee. He helps small business owners solve problems that are common to small businesses, specifically as it relates to Vision, Operations, and Tools. He also hosts a podcast, “Organized Chaos” where he discusses small practical strategies for small teams...

Oct 16, 2018

Best selling author Dan Zitofsky joined me today to talk about how he has built his real estate empire and is now running for political office in Delaware. He is a former member of the Navy and NYC Police department and was a first responder to Tower Two on September 11th, 2001

Oct 12, 2018

Owner of Cava Capital, Frank Cava, talks about the explosive growth of his company since 2016 and the secret as to how.

Oct 1, 2018

In a special peek inside of the course Modern Marketing Masterclass, Joe McCall shares the 20% of his business that gives him 80% of his results/cash...and how you can outsource all of it! You can learn more from Joe and 11 other experts about what is working for them right now at


Oct 1, 2018

Brentin is a 25 year old real estate investor but already a veteran and highly respected in the Baltimore market. He has flipped over 30 houses, owns 44 rentals, is in the wholesaling game, and coaches clients on how to build their own real estate investing businesses. In this episode Brentin offers tactical Real estate...