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The 80/20 Real Estate Show by InvestorFuse

Feb 27, 2020

CEO and Founder of Simply Sold, Beau Hollis joins us to talk about his Real Estate Investing Business and how he has been so successful in standing out from other investors.

Beau is also a Father of 2, and a BBQ Guru & Pitmaster, and a KCBS Certified BBQ Judge. In this episode you'll learn Why All Leads "Suck"....And What To Do About It How Beau Has Built His Wholesale Side up to 30+ Deals in a month Beau's Perspective on Cold Calling, Marketing, and Branding

Check out Beau on Social Media @beauhollis and @thehousebuyingguys and his youtube channel below. He is also featured in our Lead Conversion Masterclass which is linked below.