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The 80/20 Real Estate Show by InvestorFuse

Sep 8, 2021

Our guest Greg Helbeck joins the show this week. Greg is actively doing wholesale, wholetail, and some light rehabs in his markets. Before real estate investing, Greg pursued a career in hockey and had the ambition to try and make the NHL. After that venture failed and he had to face the new reality of not being an NHL hockey player, Greg looked deep inside himself and discovered the power of books and personal development to improve his situation. Within 3 years Greg went from broke living in his parent's basement to becoming a successful real estate investor who operates 100% virtual. Greg has ambitions to get involved in commercial real estate investing and becoming a beacon of positivity for people his age to inspire them to go out and achieve the success they want.

Greg speaks to virtually investing in 2 challenging markets (San Diego and Hudson Valley New York), mastering sales, personal development, and simplifying the criteria around qualifying your leads.

Follow Greg on Instagram @grego_37